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Support open digital technology designed
to enhance our planet's resilience; from climate to biodiversity.
Ways to donate

One time or monthly donations to support our various research and deployment projects. We accept donations in almost all currencies and cryptocurrencies. 

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Monthly or annual

Choose to support our organization through a one time annual or monthly donations. This supports our ongoing operations and innovation program.

To specific projects

Donate to the OpenClimate project to support an open source climate accounting network, or to our Ocean program where your funds will directly contribute to ocean conservation technology. 

Endowment donations

The purpose of the Open Earth Endowment is to support our innovation projects and operational expenses in perpetuity. We manage a growing public market and crypto endowment to secure long-term digital innovation for this decisive climate decade. Contribute to our endowment through stocks or large donations.

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How are donations used?

We value your support and work hard to maximize impact and reduce inefficiencies in our operations. This is how we spend each dollar we receive.

Climate Program

Supports our CityCatalyst platform & the OpenClimate network infrastructure.

Lab & Other Programs

Supports the rest of our programs, covering research and innovation on Oceans, Energy, and a digital Earth layer.

Management & Admin

We leverage automation technology to keep our operating cost as low as possible.

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