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Emission Reductions


Supporting cities’ climate journey

OpenEarth is building a platform for cities to collect, augment and manage their climate data. We aim to provide ready-to-use data with an intuitive UI and AI support, starting with Greenhouse Gasses Emissions Inventories. By simplifying the user experience, leveraging satellite, IoT and ML-modeled data, integrating with other digital tools, and drastically reducing efforts and costs in data collection, we enable local governments to focus on climate action implementation.

The Problem

Lack of climate data

Cities & Regions are critical climate actors, but they lack climate data

Cities and regions are responsible for over 70% of global emissions but only 5% of cities currently have a greenhouse gas inventory

Frictions in data collection

Data collection is the most time consuming part of the process

It generally takes a team of four people to spend six months to collect the necessary data, which tends to be at least two years out of date.

Limited internal capacity

Cities have limited internal capacity and high turnover

The process requires trained analysts & knowledge is lost when they leave their roles

Heterogeneous data

Climate data is heterogeneous and messy

Collected data is heterogeneous and messy, which makes it hard to aggregate it and manage it for effective action

Lack of tools

Lack of streamlined climate data tools

Existing tools are not user-friendly and don’t integrate across the city’s decarbonization journey.


Leverage next-gen data solutions & AI

We leverage next-gen data solutions, including satellite data, IoT, and ML modeling to provide ready-to-use data, and aim to use LLMs to optimize data processes and provide insights across their climate action journey.

Simplify user experience through step-by-step guidance

By simplifying the user experience and drastically reducing efforts and costs in data collection, we enable local governments to focus on climate action implementation.

Integrate data across digital tools

By building open APIs, linking tools with different use cases along the full climate action journey






Data is already aggregated for cities to build their inventory


Simplifies the process of building a GHG Inventory


Educates city officials and builds climate action capacity

Live Demo

How it Works

Check out CityCatalyst's website and watch our launch video! A comprehensive summary of the project's purpose, features and vision. This live demo premiered recently at #NewYorkClimateWeek 2023.

Visit CityCatalyst's Site
Climate Finance

Place Based Transition Funds

How do we finance the climate transition of cities and regions at scale? Read our playbook for the development of Place Based Transition Funds, specifically designed to connect large scale finance with local communities and city governments. The Playbook helps city sustainability managers and fund originators construct sophisticated investable portfolios of projects aligned with data driven and community aligned regional transition plans.

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Your city can be part of CityCatalyst

We are looking for cities willing to participate and create their greenhouse gasses emissions inventory in the first launch of CityCatalyst.