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Open source tech for planet Earth

Building digital architecture to scale climate action

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We are a research and deployment nonprofit focused on harnessing emerging tech and radical collaboration for a more resilient planet.

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Our latest project, aiming to empower cities capabilities to build and manage Greenhouse Gases Inventories.



An open, integrative and comprehensive Independent Global Stocktaking exercise that includes nationals, subnationals, cities and companies



A simple and scientific way to explore, learn and define a company's fair and useful carbon price

Connecting fragmented solutions

Current climate approaches are not integrated and digital solutions don't interoperate. We are missing the chance to generate transformative results.

Bridging the tech gap 

We have impressive data processing capabilities, so why don't we use these technologies to coordinate global climate accountability?

Putting our planet first

Open Earth is focused on transcending our differences and driving forward the most important technological development of our time: collaboration.

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Learn about OpenEarth's history and our vision

OpenEarth leverages emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain and IoT to enable scalable solutions at a planetary level.

Earth System Governance

By consolidating Earth system observations in shared digital records we will enable collective action and accountability on a global scale.

Radical collaboration and open tech

To reach the targets set in the Paris Agreement and keep global temperatures below 1.5°c.

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