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Emission Reductions


Leading the way for decarbonization

By setting a carbon price on emissions companies are incentivized to reduce their carbon footprint and transition towards more sustainable practices. We build tools that help these companies understand the damage their emissions have on the planet (through the social cost of carbon) and guide them throughout the entire journey of implementing a carbon pricing strategy, comparing different price benchmarks, understanding what is the right price for their company, and integrating it into their digital solutions, for web2 and web3 applications.

The Problem

Lack of Knowledge

Lack of Knowledge

Companies lack educational resources to understand concepts related to internal carbon pricing. Existing content is generally too niche and academic, alienating companies that have the will to move towards decarbonization.

Implementation Frictions

Hard to implement

Internal carbon prices are usually hard to implement at large organizations because they require consensus from multiple stakeholders and there are no clear benchmarks or guidelines on how to go about it.

Missing Digital Tools

Missing Digital Tools for Carbon Pricing

Companies that want to implement scientifically accurate internal carbon prices don't have access to the latest models. There is also no existing infrastructure to implement carbon prices at scale through web2 or web3 applications


Money for Ton approach

Carbon pricing can be expressed in two ways: “money for ton”, the damage costs related to each ton of carbon emissions, and “ton for ton”, the cost of offsetting each ton of emissions. “Money for ton” uses the concept of Social Cost of Carbon and is the recommended approach since it incentivizes organizations to reduce emissions by pricing in their real costs.

Digital Infrastructure for Carbon Pricing

We believe internal carbon pricing should be implemented at scale, that is why we developed an Open API and a Chainlink Oracle for our carbon pricing calculator so that it can be integrated into existing or novel digital platforms.

Transparent benchmarks

It is important for companies to know how other companies are pricing carbon, which is why we are collecting benchmarks that clearly show how companies implement carbon prices, and identifying if they are internal fees or shadow prices.






Educates companies on how to implement carbon prices


Empowers sustainability leads to choose carbon prices that are aligned with scientific models


Makes carbon pricing easy to understand and implement


Allows web2 and web3 solutions to connect to the lastest carbon pricing models

Live Application

Carbon Pricing Beta Platform

Try out our Carbon Pricing tool which helps companies implement a carbon pricing strategy. Understand what is the right price for your company, access resources to support you while generating internal consensus, and integrate it into your digital solutions, for web2 and web3 applications.

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A Carbon Pricing API

We have developed an Open API for our carbon pricing calculator so that it can be integrated into existing or novel digital platforms. We are in the process of expanding our documentation and tooling for these types of solutions, so please reach out if you have any feedback.

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For web3 applications

A Carbon Pricing Oracle

We have developed a Chainlink Oracle for our carbon pricing calculator so that it can be used in ReFi or other smart contracts. We envision a future where companies pledge internal carbon pricing commitments through transparent smart contracts and funds can be directed to an Earth Fund managed by a DAO for regeneration projects.

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The vision

A Dynamic Carbon Pricing Oracle

This page describes the vision and the design for a science-based voluntary carbon pricing mechanism that is Paris Agreement compliant and responds to the realtime carbon budget.

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Help build tools for decarbonization

Like all of our programs, our Carbon Pricing work is open source. We’re looking for passionate developers and carbon pricing experts to collaborate with code and knowledge to help create a digital tools for the implementation of carbon prices