28 Nov

A Milestone for Urban Climate Action: OpenEarth's CityCatalyst Unveiled at New York Climate Week

OpenEarth Team Members at New York Climate Week 2023 (Luke Gloege, Louisa Durkin, Evan Prodromou, Greta Gawianski, Martin Wainstein)

During New York Climate Week, we had the opportunity to contribute to the conversation on urban sustainability by hosting the 'Unlocking City Climate Action with AI and Advanced Data' event. In collaboration with the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM) and the World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC), we brought together various experts and thought leaders. The event was an engaging platform for sharing insights, exploring the role of advanced data in climate action, and fostering partnerships. 

Here are some of the key moments and discussions from the day: 

Gregor Robertson's Opening Remarks

Gregor Robertson, the Global Ambassador of the Global Covenant of Mayors and ex-Mayor of Vancouver, kicked off the session, setting the stage for a deep dive into urban climate action.

Panel Discussion: A Data-Driven Approach

A highlight of the event was a panel discussion featuring:

  • Carolina Basualdo, Mayor of Despeñaderos, Argentina
  • Alan Leidner from NYC GISMO
  • Gavin McCormick of ClimateTRACE & WattTime
  • Martin E. Wainstein from OpenEarth Foundation

Each panelist brought unique perspectives on leveraging data for city-scale climate action.

Carolina Basualdo about City challenges 

Carolina Basualdo shared her insights from the perspective of a Mayor. She affirmed the importance for cities to use data and sources of information that reflect the reality of the city, to to improve decision making and monitor the progress and improve decision making. 

Alan Leidner's Insights on Spatial Data

Alan Leidner emphasized the critical role of geospatial data in city governance, showcasing how NYC integrates spatial data for efficient service delivery and disaster planning. 

Gavin McCormick on ClimateTRACE

Gavin McCormick shed light on the challenges with current GHG data and discussed Climate TRACE's roadmap towards detailed asset-level emission estimates. 

Martin E. Wainstein's Vision for Urban Decarbonization

Martin E. Wainstein discussed the essential role of cities in climate action, introducing CityCatalyst's AI-driven solutions to aid in developing GHG inventories and climate risk assessments. 

Interactive Workshop: Collaborative Problem-Solving

The event also featured an interactive workshop where participants engaged in discussions about climate action planning, incentivizing data sharing, citizen engagement and financing local implementation strategies. 

Encouraging Closing Remarks

The event wrapped up with inspiring remarks from Martin Wainstein (Open Earth Foundation), Andy Deacon (Global Covenant of Mayors) and Barbara Ryan (World Geospatial Industry Council), reiterating the need for innovative tools and collective efforts in enhancing city-level climate action. 

CityCatalyst in the Spotlight

Our presentation of CityCatalyst, OEF’s new tool designed to empower cities with data and AI for climate action, received an enthusiastic response, creating excitement about the potential of CityCatalyst to transform urban climate planning and action. 

A Unified Front Against Climate Change

The event underscored the importance of collaboration, geospatial data, and innovative tools in driving effective climate action at the city level. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the speakers, participants, and our partners for making this event a milestone in our journey towards sustainable urban futures. 

For more details and to further explore CityCatalyst, visit our website

Together, let's shape a climate-resilient world. 

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