8 Sep

New York Climate Week 2022


So far, this year there have been three official UNFCCC regional climate weeks in Dubai, Santo Domingo, and most recently in Libreville. Although not an official UNFCCC regional climate week - New York Climate Week (September 19th-23rd) is next up on the global stage. This week is a series of asynchronous events that are relevant to those working in the climate action space. The most official events this week are hosted by Climate Group. Additionally, there are meetings of the General Assembly of the UN during Climate Week.

Last year at COP26 in Glasgow, there was a lot of momentum around technical dialogues developing the data plumbing for the Global Stocktake, nature’s role in the climate discussion and moving beyond mitigation discussing adaptation, resilience, loss & damage. We expect these themes to continue to be at the forefront of the discussions at NY Climate Week priming us all for further discussion at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheik.

We will have a few members of the OpenEarth team participating and hosting events at NY Climate Week. For example, we are hosting a kick off event for a COP27 Global Stocktake Climate Datathon. Learn more about the datathon and how you can participate on our website.

What will the OpenEarth team be up to at Climate Week?

-We are discussing Spatial Data Provenance in a working group co-convened with Nature4Climate.

-We will be kicking off the Datathon and hosting a breakfast for the CAD2.0 community.

-We will be participating in the climate week blockchain summit, hosting a panel on data interoperability.

-We will be attending and participating in events hosted by other organizations associated with our CAD2.0 community.

Will you be in NYC for Climate Week? Are you interested in connecting?

Reach out to us at: climatedata@openearth.org

We will be updating this post as NY Climate week progresses.

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