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Earth Comes First: Our Rebrand Process


Why we rebranded

OpenEarth’s work and mission is quite unique and it felt we needed new branding, an updated logo and an evolving website to ensure our brand and image would help us convey our essence to prepare us for the next 10 years ahead. We are extremely excited to finally broadcast this out after a 6 month process with a creative team and the partnership of FutureBrand’s Latin American team. 

FutureBrand is often used to design the brand of entire countries and could thus navigate the complexity of our mission at OpenEarth and help refine and adjust our original logo to represent the small agile team that exclusively focuses on big picture planetary-scale approaches. 

We operate as a nonprofit with a serial entrepreneurial mind, we think in terms of decades, not quarters, and we focus on technology but base our entire ethos on collaboration. We collaborate with supranational entities like the World Bank and the United Nations, with subnational governments and corporations, but constantly support the grassroot mindset and work of small organizations and everyday citizens. 

We needed a brand image that could represent the unique and innovative way we bridge the power of technology and climate action, something that demonstrates the belief to put our planet first.

Our old logo and new logo.
Our rebrand process with FutureBrand.

Our Purpose Statement

There are multiple issues on the agenda: poverty, gender equity, the search to reduce social, cultural and racial discrimination, among others. While they are all important, the cause of putting Earth first is necessary for human existence to continue for generations to come . Because we are now crossing irreversible boundaries in planetary resilience. 

In that sense, OpenEarth’s main purpose is to be a positive influence that seeks to move from fragmented intentions and actions to systematic actions, accelerating the transition towards a balanced planetary life that allows everyone to fulfill their purpose.

Our Purpose

Research, develop, implement and manage projects and activities designed to advance humanity’s capacity to better safeguard and enhance the resilience of Earth systems. 

Bold colors convey our bold mission.

Our Vision

Open systems for a thriving planet.

Bridging technology with research and science.

Our Mission

We collaborate to create and deploy open source digital systems and solutions for a thriving planet.

Building technology for our Planet.

Our Positioning

For all those who seek to collaborate, participate or generate changes in the transition towards a global governance of the planetary climate system, OpenEarth is a non-profit that seeks to provide practical and effective responses through open collaboration, emerging technologies and systematic and scalability approach that convey the tensions and solutions for a resilient planet.

Our new brand reflects our open collaboration approach and optimistic personality.

Our Attributes

Open, diverse and universal collaboration

The questions imposed by the Planetary situation have answers that come from multiple disciplinary spaces, it summons everyone. The answers are not binary, but in the open collaboration process, you find the value that will become the answer of tomorrow. Without a doubt: open collaboration is the missing paradigm shift.

Systematic and scalable approach

One of the great weaknesses that we face on the journey  to solving the situation is fragmentation: of solutions, of responses, but also of diagnoses of the problems / situations. We are 100% sure that the solution must be  collective and on a planetary scale. 

Our focus is sectoral and  gives way to systems thinking with problem holders and solution providers working together. Likewise, a new business model is required for new and existing solutions to scale and interconnect.

Emerging technologies

We are here to stimulate, connect, integrate, and scale solutions to a planetary level, including:

new business models, funding models and governance models. We do deep dives into the evolution of the internet i.e (Web3), the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence and work centered around blockchain. We see digital technologies merely as tools to augment the human potential and ability to unite us world-wide. 

Simple yet impactful fonts represent our vision of a collaborative and open future.

Our Personality 

Optimistic Pedagogical and practical

Our intelligence isn’t just in what we know—it’s also in how we communicate our knowledge. We  pride ourselves in being strong communicators and collaborators. We encourage our  community and  audiences to be a part of our work making a difference. 

Open minded

Our expertise has enabled us to create cutting-edge solutions—but we don’t claim to have all the answers. We are working hard to solve problems that affect our entire planet and population. Doing so requires considering the inputs, experiences, and ideas of everyone. It requires being very bold and yet extremely humble.

Solution system mindset

We seek answers that aren’t found overnight. And we know that to uncover them, we have to examine the space between optimism and realism. We maintain a positive outlook that is bolstered by our scientific rigor. Everything in the universe is connected and we bring this mindset to the creative solutions for the complex intricate problems that we face as a society. 

We are OpenEarth and our diverse international team represents the paradigm shift we see needed to transcend our differences and drive forward the most important technological development of our time: collaboration. We are thrilled to share our new branding we believe perfectly represents the hardworking team and vision behind this small organization, continuing to do good work to make a difference in the world. We prove that despite our different beliefs, cultures and opinions there is one thing we should all be able to agree on: without a liveable planet, the future of the human species is in question.  

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Earth Comes First

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