4 Aug

Advancing Climate Action Data at the UNFCCC Bonn SB58 Conference

Louisa Durkin in Bonn, Germany at the UNFCCC SB58 Conference

The Bonn Subsidiary Body climate conference, held over two weeks in June, provided a platform for discussions on climate action data. Louisa Durkin, the manager of the Climate Action Data 2.0 (CAD2.0) community, attended the conference during the first week.

A major theme of the conference was the Global Stocktake, the collective monitoring exercise toward the Paris Agreement goals. There were further negotiations with parties and non-parties about what the outputs of the Global Stocktake will be. 

The CAD2.0 community is dedicated to digitally enabling the independent Global Stocktake (DIGS). DIGS aims to track climate action data in real-time and with improved granularity and accuracy alongside the official Global Stocktake process. The UNFCCC announced in Bonn that they are developing a framework to include non-state actor accountability into the Global Stocktake process.

During the conference, we presented a poster in collaboration with Data Driven Enviro-Lab and the CAD2.0 Community, focusing on digitally enabling the independent Global Stocktake. The poster session, hosted by the Global Stocktake co-facilitators, provided an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange with other projects. Additionally, we hosted our CAD2.0 at the UNFCCC offices, involving discussions with the accountability and recognition team and the Global Climate Action Portal (GCAP).

Progress at the meeting received some criticism, and it may have raised more questions than answers. As the Global Stocktake process now transitions from the technical to the political phase after the conference, we eagerly anticipate the outcomes and look forward to the future of climate action data.

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