28 Nov

Climate Action Data 2.0 Wrap-up at New York Climate Week 2023

Louisa Durkin, Manager of the CAD2.0 Community, opening remarks at New York Climate Week 2023

The Climate Action Data 2.0 (CAD2.0) community has worked on digitally-enabling an independent Global Stocktake for the past two years. The Global Stocktake is  the collective monitoring exercise for the Paris Agreement, and it has moved from the technical phase to the political phase, leaving everyone (including the UNFCCC) thinking: how does climate action data lead to real accountability?

At New York Climate Week the CAD2.0 workgroup highlighted the work that has been done, discussed the new UNFCCC Accountability Framework, and hosted lightning talks on different climate data and infrastructure innovations that are contributing to accountability for monitoring progress of the Paris Agreement and beyond.

Here are some highlights and quotes from featured speakers:

Catalina Cecchi - C2ES

Highlight, through a series of open questions, that there is an ongoing discussion on how the UNFCCC could usefully strengthen accountability of voluntary initiatives so that more ambitious and credible climate action is supported and accelerated through international cooperation, rather than stifled by potential over prescriptiveness.

Cecilia Valeri - WBCSD

Presenting the work companies are doing to push for greater accuracy in their supply chain emission via the Partnership for Carbon Transparency, and how this is helping them focus their decarbonization efforts”.

Luke Gloege - Open Earth Foundation

Digitally-enabling the independent global stocktake using Open Climate data.

Chris Zganjar - The Nature Conservancy, Naturebase

Naturebase is a free, open data platform for policymakers, practitioners, and technical experts to make informed decisions on why, where, and how to implement NCS to benefit people and the planet.

Leila Pourarkin - Kaya Partners

There is no accountability without data, but data is definitely not sufficient to create accountability. To make sure data enables accountability we need to ask ourselves what accountability means? 

Michal Nachmany - Climate Policy Radar

Organizing, analysing, democratising data about climate law and policy.

Alison Filler - Climate Collective

Showcasing how community, interoperability, and accountability all interact within Climate Collective and call out two pilots that we've funded as examples of this. 

James Zhang - Arboretica/ChatNetZero

Pitch the problem-solution fit of ChatNetZero and showcase platform website and showcase the features and run some live chats

Viviane Romeiro - CEBDS

Global stocktake and the role em implications for the business sector under a multilevel climate governance.

Gavin McCormick - ClimateTRACE

Climate TRACE is a nonprofit coalition using satellites, big data, and AI to together estimate the GHG emissions of every major polluting facility worldwide, and share the results as free open data.

Quinn Marvin - Speed and Scale

We need speed and scale in the form of objectives and key results to drive climate action and utilize data to gauge our net zero progress to these OKRs.

Vincent Manier - Engie/Net0Tracker

Ellipse, a perpetual dance between accounting and tracking to drive climate actions.

Brendan Reilly - OS-Climate

State of climate risk data - problems, approaches and solutions.

Evan Prodromou - OpenEarth Foundation

LLMs for Climate Data Harmonization. We show a method for bringing arbitrary data sets into standard formats using LLM code generation.

Some highlights from the CAD2.0 group include:

Highlighted news

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