22 Mar

Our 1 year journey from the CarbonDrop


Today, we celebrate a full circle around the sun since we dropped 8 amazing artwork pieces on NiftyGateway. The CarbonDrop not only made a before-and-after splash in the sector, but given it supports the coming years of OpenEarth’s work and impact, I’m convinced its highest potential is still to come.

Two of Swords (Choices) by Mieke Marple

I took this day as a reflection of everything that happened in the last 12 months and the steady work at OpenEarth. In fact, we just launched our new website and branding in time for this important date of our young organization (we are not even 2!). You can now check out openearth.org and see how much the team is growing and the different programs we are advancing on.

I’ve shared in previous emails some of our goals and milestones —presenting the first full prototype of a transparent climate accounting system at the COP26, partnering with UN Climate Change to launch their Global Innovation Hub, raising new funds to sustain our operations and starting an ocean conservation program that uses NFT to help governments like Costa Rica finance marine biodiversity protection.

But I must share that me and our team are far from satisfied. When I felt that there is more we could have achieved —given the world desperately needs it— I had to remind myself that our work over this year has been foundational; laying the building blocks for exponential change. We cannot be an organization focused on incremental and linear impact, that simply won’t address in time the massive environmental issues of our generation. We must have a solid agile team, bold enough to think big, out of the box and challenge the status quo. We must focus on core blockchain infrastructure, such as global identity and governance, beyond the temptations of tinkering with the monthly shiny objects in the crypto world.

As such, I leave you with my morning artwork as I was thinking through the CarbonDrop anniversary, and the deep gratitude we feel for your support:

Thank you! 🙏


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